Close ALL the windows. Cracks let cold air in, and let the warmth escape.

A week or so ago Lariza and I were having another awesome lil chat in our room. In the middle of the conversation I was shaken by a serious chill that shivered through my body. We complained of freezing cold for weeks in our room and then when the temperature dropped low enough outside we really began looking for the problem. That search started with my shiver. We knew this was not normal to be in our bedroom and shivering. 

We had temperature problems in our bedroom every winter, but this was the worst. I had put up with the cold for long enough; something had to change. The first and most obvious place to look were the windows. The base of the window was secure and at first glance the locks apeared to be in place and also secured. However, when I finally peered upward I noticed a small crack. The window wasn’t cracked, but it was slightly opened a crack. This sent me reeling. I could not believe that I had put up with the cold wind blowing over us ever so slightly for half of the winter months. I mean here it is, January, and we dealt with this cold for that long. 
Upon this discovery I quickly got about the business of closing and locking it tightly. I then decided to check all the windows. Another of the four windows in our room was cracked as well. This led me to step up my search and check Leila’s room. Turns out that one of her two windows were cracked open as well.
In life, we all have seasons. the Bible tells us that there is a time for everything.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:”
If you are anything like me, then the winter is not your best time. You search for warmth and treasure it. Winter’s cold tends to signify death and my family just let that death sneak into our house and in turn let the warmth escape.

In many ways, Our lives are these rooms. We decorate them with luxurious items like flatscreen tv’s, Blue ray players, and such. We cover ourselves with blankets and snuggies for comfort. The usefulness of the luxury fades as we freeze without heat. The comforters do little to keep us warm if the window is left open. 

Your life might be decorated with luxury and covered in blankets, but have you left windows open. Our windows are little doorways of sin. Sin that we are aware of and ignore and often times sin that we are unaware of. The damage of sin will sometimes go undetected for a time. It will slip in unnoticed amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy life. We often only take notice of the problem when our life is blowing up around us, or when we are catching death of cold because a slight frigid breeze has blown on us as we sleep for long enough. 

We let evil in with sin and it takes the place of the warmth of God’s word. Stay warm this winter season of your life. Winterize your life, like you should your life. Many seal the windows and we should seal our lives. Don’t give sin a crack to slip through. 

We try to stay busy and active to stay warm. We can even be wise and cover ourselves with God’s word to defeat the cold breeze, escaping under his blanket of protection.

However, if we dont check the windows we let warmth creep out and cold creep in almost completely undetected. If you find yourself troubled and freezing, it might be time for a window check. Don’t just look in and out, but take a glance up and you will find it.

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
Wake up each day seeking the cracks and SEAL THEM!
Otherwise you will wake up one morning sick and blame it on the builders, when all you needed to do was close the window. Last night I fell asleep with no shirt on, because my house was filled with the warmth that comes from sealing the cracks.