Hello all,

This is my first official blog. I have been writing, it seems like for all of my life. I have recently decided to dedicate my musings to the creative genius who planned this whole thing: God. Jesus took a broken sinner and saved him. I was living the “life” of fast times, fleeting fun, and fierce sin. I slowly faded back to dust and slid into a pit deeper and darker than my brilliance could rescue me from. Thankfully I was not alone. Jesus was always riding shotgun. After such poor steering, I have now determined to let Him drive. I now try to stay in the back seat and enjoy the ride. This poem is my first blog entry, because it was the first serious thing that God placed on my heart after my rescue: Do all you can to keep others from the same destruction. Don’t let life wreck you before you realize that you were never qualified to be behind the wheel.
Good Times  
I remember not long ago my thoughts were filled with self destruction, but I knew it as GOOD TIMES.
Good times, rolled up tight as I hid from myself. Put the blanket of fear around my wealth.
The pleasure in hiding from pain turned to self pity and disgust as the smoke cleared…
I loved it! Did it love me back, as my daughter’s words fell on distorted ears?
Good times, bottled and poured out over ice, as I put on my mask…
Drowning my wisdom, sippin’ new regrets by the glass.
Oh so sweet the dizzying flavor that became bitter…
Waking in strange arms again painfully sweating out the night’s gin and sin,
What could be better?
As my wife’s lonely angry call steers me home.
Good Times? Says Who?
Says the child… hurt from so many early broken trusts that he is done giving up that part of himself.
Says the teen… drained from steering through a wet wicked world and trying unsuccessfully to stay dry.
Says the man…dying for a break from keeping his faults in check and always doing the right thing.
Says the broken spirit…that has heard too many times that they have failed again.
Good Times?
God Says…You are beautiful and He wants you to come to him the way you are. He wants you to love yourself like he does, despite your faults and rebelling spirit.
God Says…He can hold you tighter than anything you could roll. He won’t take advantage of your trusting embrace. He will destroy what you know as ugly and erase your disgrace. Your plea cried out to him, know that he can hear it
Good Times?
God Says…He knew you before you were in the womb. Put away the mask Halloween was YESTERDAY You can’t hide from God. His eye is on the sparrow, but You are his prize possession. He will never leave you alone.
God Says…Don’t drown your wisdom. Wisdom is supreme, a shelter; it’s sweet to your soul. Wisdom is sweeter than the flavor your lips want to hold. Can’t you hear the Lord calling you home?
Good Times is what the Lord offers you, eternally, with NO COVER CHARGE
You said,“Gimme the light?” His light can get you higher than the heavenly stars.
Get drunk on his grace and mercy without the hangover.
Gettin’ tipsy on his blessings but still happy and sober.
You’ve quit so many things before.
Why is this so hard?
‘Cause it’s scary admitting no control,
but worse living in the dark.
It’s hard to trust again I know,
but the Lord makes no mistakes.
He died for you, so you could live.
Don’t let Good Times go to waste.