Embracing the Fear of Failure: The Path to Creative Greatness

Embrace the fear of failure and achieve creative greatness like Nehemiah, who rebuilt Jerusalem’s walls through bold faith and strategic planning.

Guilt-Free Ministry: Can You Serve God and Make Money?

Explore the tension between faith and finances in ministry work. Learn how to overcome guilt and embrace a balanced approach to serving God and earning a living.


Explore the profound question of ownership and stewardship in our lives. Discover how to make every gift fruitful and multiply for God’s glory.


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Founder of Ordered Chaos Club

A soon to launch community for Christ-centered creatives. Support, Equipping, and CConversation to help develop faithful leadership for the creative mindset.

Executive Director of the Unshackled Network

A family of missionaries that exists to help the marginalized experience freedom in Jesus through equipping and empowering disciple makers called to the forgotten.

Fandumb and Dumber

Two Gen-X Dads embrace their love of FANDOMS like Star Wars, Comic Book Movies, and the Chicago Bears. Listen to Pastor Fury & Eric debate Sci-Fi Entertainment, Sports, and Other Fandom-related topics every month.

Owner & Operator of Freedom Story Media

A company that operates to tell stories and build brands that inspire you to live a life of freedom and joy. 

Five By The Fire Podcast

Daily Bible Podcast. This podcast was created to encourage God’s people in the daily pursuit of Him through His word. Each episode is a 5-10 minute spiritual nugget referencing a passage taken from that day’s reading in the M‘Cheyne Bible reading plan.


Stories from the Edges is a documentary series from the vision that Pastor and Filmmaker, Arman “Pastor Fury” Sheffey began pursuing in January of 2022. The series of short and full length feature films combines the heart for the poor that is at the core of the Unshackled Network with the storytelling power of Freedom Story Media and tell long-form and short-form stories of God’s work amongst the most marginalized and vulnerable populations in Lake County, IL and beyond.


After a life spent destroying, Chuy Llanos, a former leader in the Round Lake Latin Kings, now dedicates his life to building up the youth. Hear him tell his of violence, prison, and redemption as he and Frontline Street Intervention work to relaunch their most successful ministry, G.L.I.F.E.