Review: Warren Newport Public Library

Before I even walked through the doors of this well resourced library just north of Washington Rd. on O’Plaine in Gurnee, I checked them out online.

Their website was rather clear and easy to understand and even better they had a separate sub domain just for the kids department. That rocked because as soon as I entered in the kids page, I was seeing reviews on books and then they had a separate full menu for the kids area that explained what I was going to experience before I got there.

So I knew… We needed to find Coco’s Cove when we arrived.

One of the great things about this library’s kids department is they’ve got the areas broken down into age levels. Other libraries I have seen have had multiple things for many different ages but the area for each age group wasn’t as clearly defined as it was here. I quickly knew that “The Point” was for grade school age kids one through fifth grade.

I saw a room set aside just for teenagers, called “The Vault” that looked pretty cool.

And then there was “Coco’s Cove.”

Though it doesn’t have a ton of wildly active elements, it had a pretty cool gigantic puzzle table, interactive wall activities that would engage Matteo on a physical level as well as early literacy iPads and puzzles.

Not to mention a great amount of books.

Though the fun level of this place doesn’t reach a Wauconda for instance, from a parent perspective this place is one of the better ones. Even at a glance I can quickly see many of the events that are coming up clearly displayed throughout the rooms. Events like a fun juggling demonstration, amphibian handler,  as well as story times and movie gatherings.

Overall, solid library, but don’t expect to stay there too long.

Warren Newport Public Library

Warren Newport Public Library

Website User Experience




      Interactive Play


        Imagination Promoting


          Noise Friendliness


            Activity Diversity


              Board Books Section


                Child Trackability


                  Intriguing Child-Focused Events


                    Sensory Focused Play



                      • Great Organization
                      • Clearly Defined Kids Areas
                      • Separate Room for Pre-school Age
                      • Clearly posted Upcoming events
                      • Many books for his age


                      • Not too many different things for Matteo
                      • Almost No Imaginative Play Items
                      • Low on Sensory Activities