Review: Aspen Drive Library (Cook Memorial Public Library District)

The Aspen Drive Library is a beautiful location just south of Route 60 a mile or two west of the Hawthorn Mall. While the beauty of the location surpasses many others, the child focused amenities in the words of my 9th grade History teacher, “leave a lot to be desired.” The location feels overly ambitious in their attempt to have all things a great library would have in such small quarters. Having said that I wouldn’t call it a failure by any means. Matteo quickly found the puzzles and proceeded to enjoy each one. As far as imaginative play they do have an extensive building block set where kids were hard at work creating a world from their imagination. They also had a puppet area and some desktop pc’s and iPad’s with a sweet fish tank. One of my least favorite parts was the small space and its location so close to where adults are trying to enjoy quiet book browsing.

Their website didn’t really give me the impression that they do much for kids here beyond what I saw in the limited space there, however I did find a few cool events beyond the standard story time that they offered. When all is said and done, this library was just ok in my book.

Aspen Drive Library

Aspen Drive Library

Website User Experience




      Interactive Play


        Imagination Promoting


          Noise Friendliness


            Activity Diversity


              Board Books Section


                Child Trackability


                  Intriguing Child-Focused Events


                    Sensory Focused Play



                      • Beautiful Library Facility
                      • Great Building Block Set
                      • Nice Fish Tank


                      • Too Small of an Area
                      • Too Close to Adult Reading Sections
                      • Not Enough Interactive and Imaginative Play